Foam Mattress

Foam Mattress Cleaning

A mattress is a big investment. Choosing a mattress cleaning service should be done wisely. Professionals that are trained to clean foam mattresses should be hired. The process used will clean the mattress and have it smelling new again. Safe products and deodorizers are used to accomplish proper cleaning.

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Allergens in the Home

Dust mites are more prevalent than any other allergen other than pollen. Dust mites makeup 80 to 90 percent of the allergen composition in the home. They originate in mattresses. Beds are the place we spend at least one-third of our lives. Unclean, contaminated mattresses and pillows are not healthy for anyone.

Forty thousand skin cells are shed every second by the average person. Mites and mold feed on them. Typical used mattresses have between 100,000 and 10 million mites inside. After two years, a mattress can increase in weight by 10 percent due to the accumulation of dead mites and their fecal matter.

Linens should frequently be laundered. By not having mattress cleaning done on a regularly scheduled basis, the invitation is being extended to allergens that can cause permanent adverse medical conditions. Among them are respiratory infections, bronchitis and asthma. Other medical maladies such as sinusitis, dermatitis, eczema and perennial rhinitis are also possible resulting conditions.

Professional Cleaning

More than washing the linens or flipping the mattress is required to get rid of dust mites and neutralize allergens produced. Good professionals guarantee satisfaction. The mattress will be inspected to determine the method and products that should be used. The mattress will be vacuumed on both sides to remove loose dust and dirt.

Indoor allergens are removed. Allergens include viruses, bacteria, fungi, spores, pollen, mildew, mold and dust mites. Other unhygienic microscopic contaminants that are removed include blood-sucking bedbugs, spiders, roaches, silverfish, and lice.

Products and Equipment Used

Professionals do not use toxic chemicals in the process. What they use is color safe. No bleaching agents are used. A hypoallergenic solution is applied to the mattress surface. The cleaners are all hypoallergenic because mattresses may come in contact with skin.

Steam-cleaning cannot be used on foam mattresses. UV sterilization is a unique sanitizing and cleaning process. Scientific proof reveals that 99.9 percent of DNA-based organisms are eliminated.

Advanced technology is used to improve air quality in the home by cleaning the mattresses and pillows. Experienced technicians use the equipment to complete the job. The cleaning process is an extension of methods medical professionals have used for years. It will neutralize allergens. Odor induced by bacteria is also neutralized. Mattresses are cleaned and sanitized.

Professional mattress cleaners know to clean foam mattresses down deep. Specialized equipment will effectively remove dirt, mold, allergens and dust mites. The process sanitizes the mattress to ensure a healthier environment. Equipment and special cleaners are designed to help allergy sufferers. The products are biodegradable and nontoxic. The most important reason to have regular professional mattress cleaning done is because of the menaces harbored in mattresses. Indoor breathing environments will be cleaner and healthier.