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Foam Mattress Cleaning

One of the biggest mistakes people make when cleaning foam mattress toppers is not vacuuming the topper first

Couch Cleaning

The fabric used in the manufacture of couches varies. Cotton upholstery and leather are extremes of the spectrum

Futon Mattress

Futons were once cheap furniture pieces used mostly in college dorm rooms. That is no longer the case.

Pillow Top Mattress

People buy pillow top mattresses to ensure they will get a good night’s sleep. Pillow top mattresses are perfect pairings of firm and soft in one mattress.

Futon Mattress Cleaning

Futons were once cheap furniture pieces used mostly in college dorm rooms. That is no longer the case. They come in a variety of qualities, colors and styles. Many are as comfortable as a mattress. In some homes, futons are used as combination furniture that provides sleeping and seating accommodations. Many homes use them exclusively as beds. As such, futons require periodic cleaning just as couches and mattresses do.

Routine Cleaning

Furniture owners should vacuum the mattress two or three times each year for routine cleaning and maintenance. The vacuum filter and bag should be disposed of to prevent mold spores from escaping the next time the vacuum is used. Professionals will vacuum the mattress after it has been dried with a low humidity method.

The futon is filled with several layers of batting and foam. The mattress should be flipped on a regular basis. Flipping prevents lumps from forming in the mattress. Seating futons should be flipped once per month. Every time the sheets are changed on a futon bed, the mattress should be flipped. Linens should frequently be changed; especially linens used in homes in which smokers reside. Odor will be kept from being pervasive.

Keeping a futon clean depends upon its primary use. If used mostly for seating, a futon mattress cover will protect it from stains and dirt. A machine washable cover that is easily removed is suggested. When used as a bed, a vinyl sheet or hypoallergenic mattress pad will help keep it clean.

Reasons to Have Professional Cleaning Done

A professional cleaner should take on the task to keep the futon looking good for a long time. The technician will know whether or not a futon mattress can be steam cleaned. Steam cleaning removes soaked-in stains. Professionals will use a steam cleaner if possible.

Colored liquids cause stains that will carry further when alcohol is present. Sometimes people will try to remove surface stains on their own. If attempted, a damp cloth should be used only on the stained area. The mattress should not become wetter than necessary. Mattresses are very hard to dry. Drying futon mattresses properly is one good reason to have a futon mattress professionally cleaned.

Individual remove odors by airing the mattress outdoors. Airing a mattress is also a method that requires precaution. High humidity or rain can cause the mattress to become damp and moldy.

Professional cleaners will use products that neutralize mildew and mold and remove the stains they cause to the fabric. Safe products loosen the dirt before it is removed. Individuals who try to remove stains and odors with vinegar or baking soda are cautioned that these household items are acidic in nature and can cause damage if not used properly.

Removing Bodily Fluids

Blood stains can be particularly problematic. Hot water will cook the protein in the blood. A cleaning solution having ingredients found in meat tenderizer is used to remove proteins. The iron in the blood can also cause rust stains that need to be removed. The job is best entrusted to a technician knowing what and how to use products to remove blood. Enzyme-based products are used to remove urine odor and stains. They digest uric acid crystals that cause stains.

Professional cleaners have the knowledge needed to keep futons in the best condition. They know what cleaner to use on the fabric of the futon. The proper method of cleaning and drying is applied. It just makes sense to let the technician do the task. A better result in less time will be achieved.