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Foam Mattress Cleaning

One of the biggest mistakes people make when cleaning foam mattress toppers is not vacuuming the topper first

Couch Cleaning

The fabric used in the manufacture of couches varies. Cotton upholstery and leather are extremes of the spectrum

Futon Mattress

Futons were once cheap furniture pieces used mostly in college dorm rooms. That is no longer the case.

Pillow Top Mattress

People buy pillow top mattresses to ensure they will get a good night’s sleep. Pillow top mattresses are perfect pairings of firm and soft in one mattress.

People buy pillow top mattresses to ensure they will get a good night’s sleep. Pillow top mattresses are perfect pairings of firm and soft in one mattress. Unfortunately, pillow top mattresses also provide a highly absorbent surface for spilled liquids, blood and urine stains. The depth of the stain is minimized by prompt action. The only way to completely remove the stains is with proper cleaning. That should be done by a professional.

Examining a mattress or sheets under a microscope would likely result in shock and disgust. Mattresses harbor dust mites and other microscopic organisms and allergens. Partially clothed bodies lay on top of them with only a sheet to separate them from the organisms.

Cleaning pillow mattresses is done much the same way as a regular mattress. Because of the thicker padding a pillow top mattress may take longer to dry. Damp mattresses are breeding grounds for mold and mildew.

Caring for a Pillow Top Mattress

A mattress cover can protect the mattress. The cover acts as a barrier to stains and odors. When the need to wash it becomes apparent, it is easily removed. The pillow and mattress pad must be kept clean. Once each week wash the cover in hot water, dry it and replace it on the bed.

Vacuuming removes dead skin cells, dust and debris that accumulated rather quickly. Within two years, a mattress will weigh ten percent more than when it was purchased because of the nasties that are deposited there. Dust, sweat and other substances deposited on a mattress have unique aromas.

Cleaning Mistakes That Can Be Made

Mattress owners may try to remove stains and odor with household cleaners such as vinegar and baking soda. Both of these products contain acid that may harm the mattress fabric. Setting a mattress outside will only be successful on sunny days with low humidity. High humidity causes a longer drying time. The chances of mold and mildew developing increase.

Tending to stains should be done as quickly as possible. Blot liquid stains with a wet, cold cloth. Excess moisture should be blotted with a dry cloth. Too much pressure can make the stain worse. Heat sets stains.

Professional Pillow Top Mattress Cleaning

An inspection of the mattress takes place. The severity of stains will be determined. It is vacuumed to remove surface dirt before removing stains. Stains that are properly removed allow the investment made in the mattress to be enjoyed for a longer amount of time.

Stains are caused by three kinds of substances; grease, tannin and protein. Protein is the one normally left on the mattress. Bodily fluids urine, vomit, sweat and blood all contain protein. Protein stains must be removed with enzyme-based products.

Professionals know the cleaning solutions that can be used to eliminate stains and odors properly without causing harm to the fabric, the sleepers or the environment. Cleaning solutions are applied sparingly. A soft brush may be used to work the cleaning solution into the fabric.

Steam-cleaning is the best method to remove odors and stains. Done properly, no harm will be caused to the pillow top mattress fabric. Drying techniques that remove moisture from the mattress are utilized. Equipment is used to air-dry a mattress thoroughly and quickly.

The reward of having a pillow top mattress regularly cleaned is a more sanitary sleeping condition. That is reason enough to have it done professionally. The possible damage that can be caused by improper cleaning techniques is also a convincing reason to let professionals clean your pillow top mattress.