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Why You Need Professional Mattress Cleaning

Sunlight Mattress Cleaning NYC can help you get a better night’s sleep by properly cleaning your mattress. Because a decent mattress is an investment, you want it to last as long as possible, looking as wonderful as the day you got it. Since you use your mattress every day, it is likely to be one of the dirtiest items in your home. Dead skin cells, dust, and sweat all find their way into the mattress’s fibers and will remain there if not cleansed. A clean mattress, in our opinion, is a vital component of a happy and comfortable home. When it comes to cleaning your mattress, the typical guideline is to do so twice a year, flipping it over each time. Mattresses, on the other hand, are getting more popular.  Having a dirty and stained matress? Call the professional mattress cleaners! Our mattress cleaning services are eco-friendly, hypoallergenic, affordable and EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) registered and CDC (Centers for Disease Control) approved!

Cleaning Services We Offer

Best Foam Mattress Cleaning Service

Foam Mattress Cleaning

Quality is what matters

One of the biggest mistakes people make when cleaning foam mattress toppers is not vacuuming the topper first. The best way to get rid of loose stains is to vacuum. However, you must be careful to avoid damaging the topper by spreading detergent particles. If you have a stain that cannot be easily removed, try using a solution of vinegar and water. Then, use a soft cloth to wipe the stained area. The next time you want to clean your mattress, be careful not to press too hard. This can cause the foam cells to break down and become brittle. Also, don’t over-press the foam; too much pressure will ruin the softness of the foam. After vacuuming, you need to allow the foam to dry completely. If it is not dry, you can use a fan or a dryer to speed up the process.

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Couch Cleaning

Affordable prices to all

The fabric used in the manufacture of couches varies. Cotton upholstery and leather are extremes of the spectrum. Couches can be difficult to clean. Debris, spills, and dirt are trapped on fabric sofas. If not dealt with quickly, they penetrate the fabric and cause a stain.

Letting a professional handle the job is recommended. Technicians know the dry cleaning and other cleaning products that can be used safely.

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Affordable couch-Cleaning Service

Futon Mattress Cleaning Service

Futon Mattress

Mattres clean at all times

Futons were once cheap furniture pieces used mostly in college dorm rooms. That is no longer the case. They come in a variety of qualities, colors and styles. Many are as comfortable as a mattress. In some homes, futons are used as combination furniture that provides sleeping and seating accommodations. Many homes use them exclusively as beds. As such, futons require periodic cleaning just as couches and mattresses do.

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Pillow Top Mattress Cleaning

Finest Mattress Cleaners

People buy pillow top mattresses to ensure they will get a good night’s sleep. Pillow top mattresses are perfect pairings of firm and soft in one mattress. Unfortunately, pillow top mattresses also provide a highly absorbent surface for spilled liquids, blood and urine stains. The depth of the stain is minimized by prompt action. The only way to completely remove the stains is with proper cleaning. That should be done by a professional.

Examining a mattress or sheets under a microscope would likely result in shock and disgust. Mattresses harbor dust mites and other microscopic organisms and allergens. Partially clothed bodies lay on top of them with only a sheet to separate them from the organisms.

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Pillow Top Mattress Cleaners

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From Our Blog


How to clean a mattress myself?

Easy Steps to Cleaning a Mattress

  1. Get your mattress-cleaning supplies together.
  2. Remove all of the bedding from the bed and wash it.
  3. The mattress should be vacuumed.
  4. Use a stain remover to spot-clean your mattress.
  5. Sprinkle baking soda throughout the entire mattress.
  6. Vacuum once more…
  7. Toss the mattress around.
  8. Keep the mattress safe.
How often should we clean mattresses?

Cleaning your mattress once every 6 months or so is a good rule of thumb. Of course, if you spill something on your mattress, you should clean it as soon as possible to prevent the stain from setting in.

How long does it take to the mattress to dry after a professional cleaning?

6 – 7 hours

Is a mattress ruined if it gets wet?

Mold and mildew thrive in moist environments, so a wet mattress is ideal. Bacteria grows quickly in a moist mattress, making the bedding unhealthy and causing the stuffing inside to deteriorate. It’s possible that a mattress that’s been submerged in water won’t be salvaged.

Can you steam clean a mattress?

Steam cleaning a mattress removes dust mites, odors, filth, dead skin cells, bed bugs, and bacteria in an environmentally friendly manner. Steam cleaning your mattress will improve your sleep by removing allergens and allowing you to relax knowing that your bed is clean.

Why do you need to clean your mattress?

Sweat, dust, allergies, and dust mites that collect on your mattress can be removed or cleaned by cleaning your mattress. It’s easy to accomplish and can be done twice a year or when the seasons change. You’ll want to sleep not only on the greatest mattress, but also on one that is clean!

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