Fewer things are as important as having a quality mattress to sleep on every night, so you can enjoy a comfortable, relaxing, and satisfying sleep. Studies show that we spend approximately one-third of our lives sleeping, which means investing in a good mattress is worth it. However, buying a quality mattress is only half the job. You also need to know how to care for your mattress and avoid doing the things that could damage it.

Knowing the answer to the question “how do you ruin a mattress?” will help you prevent causing irreversible damage to your important investment. Without further ado, here are some ways you are ruining your mattress without probably realizing it right now.

5 Ways You Are Ruining Your Mattress

#1: You Are Not Protecting Your Mattress Against Liquid Spills

We are not just talking about nighttime accidents in households with small children, but natural oils and perspiration secreted from the body – all prone to penetrate the upper layers of your precious mattress and lead to the uncontrollable growth of bacteria and bad odors that are difficult to get rid of. Tea, orange juice, coffee, red wine or even water will also get absorbed into the deeper foam layers of the mattress, making cleaning almost impossible without hiring a professional mattress cleaning service.

What you can do:

  • buy breathable bedsheets or a cooling mattress if you know you are having plenty of night sweating incidents. The investments should also prevent your body from overly heating at night, which will in turn help improve the quality of your sleep.
  • use a mattress protector or a mattress encasement to benefit from the perks of the semipermeable materials that are also excellent repellents against. These protectors will allow the air to freely circulate across the superior layers while preventing potentially damaging fluids from getting in.

#2: You Are Not Getting the Right Airflow to Your Mattress

A mattress that does not receive proper airflow will quickly absorb moisture and stale odors which will eventually accumulate into the mattress. Replacing your sheets as soon as you are changing them will prevent the top layers from airing out the right way.

What you can do:

When you are ready to change your bedding, give your mattress at least 30 minutes to properly air out prior to putting new sheets on. Make sure the bedroom windows and doors are open and make sure to always vacuum the top layers to eliminate all traces of debris and dust.

#3: You Are Not Tackling Dust Mites the Way You Should

Dust mites are tiny bugs that are not visible to the naked eye that thrives on dead skin cells and prefers plush surfaces such as the top layers of mattresses. While you cannot get rid of dust mites forever, you can cut their number considerably and prevent them from damaging your mattress.

What you can do:

Wash your bedding at least once a week using hot water and make sure you also vacuum your carpeting and furniture inside the bedroom as often as you can. Hire professional mattress cleaners every few months or at least once a year to steam clean your mattress and rely on protectors and encasements to prevent the dust mites from penetrating the top layers of the mattress.

#4: You Are Not Rotating Your Bed

While the majority of today’s mattresses no longer require periodical flipping, rotating the bed together with the mattress will effectively increase the lifespan of the mattress. This way, the body weight will be distributed in a more even fashion across the entire sleeping surface. In turn, this will cut the in the long run.

What you can do:

If possible, rotate your mattress 180 degrees twice a year. If you need assistance doing it, have expert mattress cleaners handle this as well for you.

#5: You Are Using Bad Foundation

No matter if you own a mattress made of foam or a mix of foam and springs, the mattress requires a certain amount of support. Improper support for the bed will trigger excessive sagging that will eventually cause uncomfortable pressure points and lead to improper spine alignment while asleep.

What you can do:

Pay attention when buying a new mattress and see that it has the right foundation. The majority of mattresses that are entirely made of fom as well as hybrid mattresses require sturdier support —in the form of platform bed frames and slats placed eight inches apart. In turn, this should preserve the keep integrity of the mattress in the long run and help you benefit from a more comfortable sleep.

Take care of your mattress the right way and you will enjoy it for up to 10 years. Invest in mattress encasement, a good foundation, and professional mattress cleaning services, and enjoy your mattress for longer.